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Atomic ZIP Password Recovery is a brute-force password recovery tool. It can recover lost or forgotten passwords of .ZIP files created with WinZip and any other apps that create standard .ZIP files. It can't, however, crack passwords that use strong encryption, such as AES and blowfish.

The application is wizard-based. It takes you through a few steps to start the process. The first step gives you a warning about the programs inability to crack strong encryption. After that, you select the file to be decrypted and it goes to work.

I tested this app with two different files. The first one had a very weak password, consisting of 4 lowercase letters. It took less than 3 seconds to be cracked. The second password that I used was a more complex string of lowercase, uppercase, special characters and numbers. It went at it for over 4 minutes and it was unable to find it. This was because it was using the automatic mode. The manual mode allows you to set up the password length and add characters to a dictionary, or use all printable symbols. This will take considerably longer, but will give you better chances of cracking the password.

José Fernández
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  • It recovers un-encrypted passwords


  • No support for strong encryption
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